Evaluation process

Nominations for the Award are made by CEOs of GPCA full member companies alongside selected non-full members with specific status in the region or their respective country in order to ensure a strong pool of qualified candidates and high quality of nominations. CEOs can put forward up to two candidates provided they meet the official award criteria.

GPCA Legacy Award “Al Rowad” (الرّواد) Nomination Criteria

Nominations for the GPCA Legacy Award “Al Rowad” (الرّواد) are evaluated only based on merit, with the profile of candidates being meticulously assessed against clearly defined criteria. The strict selection procedure meets best industry practice and international standards in line with GPCA’s utmost commitment to transparency, impartiality and inclusion. Merit alone governs the selection of winners for the GPCA Legacy Award, granting them one of the most prestigious lifetime distinctions in the Arabian Gulf chemical industry.

Please ensure that the candidate meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • Played a pioneering role in building the chemical industry in one or more of the GCC countries.
  • Successfully developed and dramatically expanded or transformed the chemical industry or a chemical company in a given Arabian Gulf country or across the GCC, thus contributing to the evolution of the regional chemical industry.
  • Established or led a state or privately owned GCC based chemical company/ies that became lasting enterprises and a significant economic force by advancing and stimulating the establishment of new downstream and allied industries in the region.
  • Led a governmental entity/regulatory body in one of the GCC states that acted as a key enabler for the development and sustainable growth of the chemical industry in their respective country.
  • Successfully restructured or led a GCC chemical company into inorganic growth through M&A/s or by forming JV/s in key international markets.
  • Demonstrated a track record of developing local capabilities within their company in the form of % of nationalization, building technical and innovation capabilities, % of local workforce at managerial level, contributing to the development of industry relevant vocational institutes, achieving staff’s gender diversity, etc.
  • You MAY NOT nominate:
  • A candidate who currently occupies an executive or board chairmanship/membership position at the same company at which you work.
  • A candidate who currently serves in a senior position or a ministerial role with a national or regional governmental entity connected with the chemical industry.
  • A candidate who currently occupies an executive or board chairmanship/ membership position at one or more GCC chemical companies.


  • You MAY nominate an expatriate of any nationality on the condition that they were based in and working in the GCC region at the time of realizing the achievements for which they are being recognized. Furthermore, they must have been in the most senior leadership position within a regional chemical company or a relevant GCC governmental organization, when working in the region.
  • The GPCA Legacy Award can be bestowed both during a candidate’s lifetime as well as posthumously. Therefore, you may nominate a candidate who is deceased or still alive. To view the list of past winners, visit: https://gpcalegacy.com/