Eng. Hamad Rashid Al-Mohannadi



Former General Manager (1992-2007) and Chairman (2011-2014), QAPCO

Founding Board Member (2006-2009), GPCA

Early life and career

Eng. Hamad Rashid Al-Mohannadi was born in 1958 in Doha, Qatar. In 1978, he was sponsored by the Ministry of Education to pursue his higher education in the United States. In 1981 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Engineering Science from Portland State University in the US. After graduating, he returned to Qatar where he started his career at National Oil Distribution Company (NODCO) as a Trainee Engineer in 1981. At NODCO, he quickly moved up the ranks and in 1988 was appointed Acting Operation Manager, Head of Refinery No.2.

In 1991, Eng. Al-Mohannadi was appointed as Deputy General Manager and Expansion Team Leader at QAPCO, a JV between the Qatari government and two French partners established in 1974 to produce the region’s first ethylene and LDPE from ethane, which was previously being flared.

In 1992 amid ongoing Qatarization efforts, he became the first Qatari national General Manager of QAPCO, a position which would go on to define his career and enable him to leave a lasting legacy on the country’s petrochemical industry. Just as QAPCO soon emerged as the region’s first pioneer in petrochemicals, Al-Mohannadi would become synonymous with its success and shape a prosperous future for this emerging new sector.

QAPCO’s Golden Age

1994 marked the start of QAPCO’s Golden Age with a record increase in profit. This enabled it to embark on a consistent and exponential expansion journey. In the same year, he led the expansion of QAPCO’s existing ethylene plant, raising production capacity by 54%. The expansion of EP1 came on stream in 1996. From one project to the next, Al Mohannadi led QAPCO on an unprecedented production capacity growth.

Besides the completion of EP1, 1996 witnessed the inauguration of LDPE 2, with 3 more plants commencing production in 2008, 2009 and 2012. With his vision to transform QAPCO into a leading producer of LDPE through continued capacity growth, he led the plant’s 2nd expansion (EP2) in 2007 which increased its production capacity by 33%.

April 2007 witnessed another key milestone in QAPCO’s journey towards growth and product diversification. Under the leadership of Eng. Al-Mohannadi, a landmark technology & engineering agreement was signed for LDPE 3.

As a result, in 4 years, QAPCO doubled its LDPE production and more than doubled its ethylene production in 15 years. At the 40th anniversary since its establishment, QAPCO’s LDPE production capacity had increased 500%, making it a world leader in LDPE. While its total cumulative profit since 1981, amounted to QR 3 billion.

Establishing allied industries

In the 1990s – early 2000s, Eng. Al-Mohanadi was at the helm of Qatar’s drive to establish new downstream industries. Excess in ethylene allowed QAPCO to consider various downstream diversification projects, laying the foundation for further organic and vertical growth.

Eng. Al-Mohanadi played an instrumental role in the creation of Qatar Vinyl Company (QVC) in 1997 as a JV between Qatar General Petroleum Corporation, QAPCO, Norsk Hydro and Elf Atochem and acted as its Vice Chairman.

Subsequently, Eng. Al-Mohannadi led the successful integration of QVC with the QAPCO site, built adjacent to each other, allowing for the easy transport of ethylene to the QVC plant.

Developing local capabilities was a key objective, and in the early 2000s, he engineered QVC to be wholly owned by QatarEnergy.

In 1998, together with Qatar’s strategic partners Eng. Al-Mohannadi established Qatar Plastic Product Company (QPPC), Qatar’s first plastic converter. QPPC soon began the production of around 22 million bags and plastic sheets per year, catering for the bagging needs of QAPCO and the entire downstream petrochemical industry.

Eng. Al-Mohannadi aspired to achieve the highest quality and standards at QAPCO and its affiliate companies. In February 2002, QAPCO was awarded the ISO 9001 certification – becoming the first company within the Qatar Petroleum Group to obtain the accreditation.

Building on QAPCO’s successful track record of industry consolidation, Eng. Al-Mohannadi helped to  establish new downstream ventures. He was also the driving force behind establishing Ras Laffan Olefins Company in 2002 to produce ethylene feedstock.

He played an instrumental role in the creation of Qatofin in 2005 as a joint venture with Total Petrochemicals. In addition to managing QAPCO, he became General Manager of QATOFIN in 2006.

In 2005, his forward-thinking vision afforded QATOFIN important feedstock access through its strategic integration with RLOC’s 1.3 million t/y ethane cracker, the largest in the world.

He was behind establishing Q-Chem II in the same year, and subsequently led the integration of Q-Chem’s facilities with QAPCO which led to the creation of a new slate of by-products. During his role as a Member of the QP Board, he played an instrumental role in the selection process for international partners for Q-Chem I.

Eng. Al-Mohannadi led QAPCO to become fully integrated with its sister companies, generating significant cost savings and efficiency gains, becoming a model in the region.

Start of a new era: GPCA is established

Realizing the value of collaboration with regional players, Eng. Al Mohannadi was among the eight visionary leaders from the Arabian Gulf who came together in 2006 to establish GPCA. He served on GPCA’s first Board from 2006 to 2009. Since its inception, Eng. Eng. Al-Mohannadi envisioned that GPCA would encourage industry research, promote talent development and organise industrial conferences and seminars.

New chapter begins

In 2007, Eng Al-Mohannadi was appointed as the Managing Director and CEO at Ras Gas, a position in which he served until 2015. In this role, he led the development of USD 25 billion worth of gas projects, which enabled the growth of the chemical industry in Qatar. In 2011, he was appointed Chairman of QAPCO and Vice Chairman of Qatar Petroleum. He was also the Vice Chairman of QVC, and Chairman of Qatofin, Qafac, and Nakilat.

Passion for talent

At the helm of QAPCO, Eng. Al-Mohannadi achieved 30% workforce nationalization – the highest percentage in the company’s history and won numerous awards.

He made the development of Qatari nationals a top strategic priority for ALL the companies he led.

He recognised the role of R&D and academia in the industry’s success and drove Qatar’s National Universities programs to integrate the Energy Sector’s needs to match the Universities’ curriculums.

His aim was to equip the students with the most advanced technical skills that would enable them to work at a complex petrochemical plant and gas refinery.

Pioneer of the possible

Eng. Hamad Rashid Al-Mohannadi – A pioneer who led Qatar’s evolutionary journey in petrochemicals. Laid the foundations for a national downstream industry.

He left a lasting legacy, infused with knowledge, wisdom and utmost dedication to transforming his country into a global and regional petrochemical powerhouse.

A visionary leader who dared to challenge the norm, he’ll be remembered as a true pioneer, who redefined the industry forever.

For his contribution to the development of a petrochemical industry in Qatar and the wider region, Eng. Al-Mohannadi is bestowed with the 5th GPCA Legacy Award “Al-Rowad” – The honor of a lifetime.

“As a pioneer in our industry, we have never ceased to build the strengths that would power us forward”.

Hamad Rashid Al Mohannadi